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Andersonstown Road environmental improvement project

We recently completed the first phase of the Andersonstown Road Environmental Improvement project, in West Belfast, which was opened by Northern Ireland Minister for Social Development, Nelson McCausland MLA.

The project includes high quality natural stone paving, street lighting, mature street tree planting, decorative metalwork, seating and the rationalisation of vehicular movement and parking. A number of local schools were involved in the project with the creation of a ‘poetry path’ with poems and images engraved in the paving and on the decorative lighting columns. This strong and consistent community involvement in the design and delivery of the project culminated in tree planting by the children and the Minister, after which he presented awards to the students for their contribution.

Minister McCausland said at the launch “Phase A of the Andersonstown Road Environmental Improvement Scheme will make a significant difference to the quality of life for the people who live and work around Andersonstown Leisure Centre and indeed for those who travel in and out of Belfast along this route. The further phases will see a total investment of £1.4million from my Department. It is my hope that the Scheme will not only give the local community a sense of pride in their area, but that it will also encourage interest in further investment from the private sector.’

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