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Kaohsiung – Ideas for Action

November 2009
Ideas for Action

Our entry to the International competition “Ideas for Action” for the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung received an award for Excellence in the final round.

Organised by the International Urban Development Association (INTA), the competition sought innovative ideas by which Taiwan’s second city could further its goal to be a centre of environmental sustainability. The competition attracted 111 entries from 14 countries around the world.

Our entry – entitled ‘Symbiosis: 6 Ideas for Action’ – proposed a suite of radical citywide initiatives that would transform this post industrial city and reconnect its residents with the city’s natural ecosystem. Proposals included flooding key city streets to turn them into canals, mass planting indigenous bamboo throughout the city as a source of biomass energy and the rolling out of a major programme of green roofed industrial units.

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